Taking Chance out of Chance Encounters


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How Netscale Can Help

Netscale is an end to end networking platform built for students and their friends. You do not need to showcase your resume or work experience. Instead, Netscale non-invasively uses your email metadata to seamlessly give you deep insights on the 3 step process of using your network to land your dream job.


Find what companies you have a network in

Using our industry search feature, you can easily filter by industry to see what companies you have a contact in.

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Find which contact is the
best to approach

Using Connection Strength, you can see not only which friends have some contact at a company, but the strength of the connection between every friend and the searched company. Here, it is easy to tell that Christina has a much stronger contact in Accenture than Evan does.


Determine which ask
is most appropriate

Visit our blog site (reviewed by numerous career consultants and experts) to learn more about how a friend with an inside contact can help you with your job search, see email templates, and gain the knowledge to act on the insight Netscale provides.

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Netscale is here to provide you and all of your friends with key insights on the depth of your network. Use this knowledge to take control of your future

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There is nothing more important to Netscale than the privacy of our users. That is why Netscale only imports email metadata such as the email domains (@apple.com) and other tags needed to assess the domain's prevalence. All imported information is exhibited clearly to users, who can then remove any domains from Netscale that they do not want to share.

We do not sell you data to any third party under any circumstance and follow top IT security standards when storing your information. Netscale's only goal is to help you organically connect with people within your network and to help you grow your network with the least headache.

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