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How we can help

Netscale analyzes the company email domains of the emails you send and receive to seamlessly get powerful insights into who you know at a company and how well so you can find the perfect inside contact to a company for a job, but also a partnership, or a business deal.

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with netscale

how we are different

Netscale is a peer-peer networking site, which means it is a meant to be used between friends. We allow anyone to thrive in a stress-free environment and we require no resume or work experience. Instead Netscale helps you more effectively use your network, and grow it exponentially.

What we do

1. Help you fully use your network
With Insight on your Connection Strengths:

Often times, we have numerous friends with some connection to a company, but it can be hard to tell which friend has the best connection. Based on the amount of email communication between a friend and contact, Netscale can tell you which friend is the best to approach first.

With Industry Search:

Sometimes it isn't about finding the right contact in a company, but the right company itself. With industry search, simply select an industry to see what companies you are best connected to in that industry.

2. Help you grow your network
With your Email:

The average person sends and receives 122 emails every day, or 854 emails a week. Since Netscale is synced with your email, as your email grows, so does your network.

With your Groups:

Many of us are already in groups and organizations. Instead of adding each member individually, on Netscale, you can add them all at once simply by joining a group.

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